Heavenly Celebs With Even More Heavenly Sisters

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How is it possible? Some of Hollywood’s sexiest women, the women all men fantasize about and all women envy. How can they have someone even more drop-dead gorgeous right in their own families?
Sometimes it really happens that way. It isn’t always the most beautiful sister who becomes the star in the family. All we can do is wonder.
We can wonder, and admire these sexy sisters of Hollywood stars!
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Gisele Bündchen And Patricia

Gisele is the supermodel. But should we be surprised that the supermodel’s fraternal twin sister is just as gorgeous – or more so? They were raised in Brazil together, and went to modeling school together.
It was Gisele who landed Tom Brady. But wow, Patricia. That girl-next-door beauty.
Put runway glamour aside for a moment. Who would you rather wake up next to every morning?
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Audrina Patridge And Casey

Audrina is the beautiful star who rose to fame with The Hills; her role on Dancing With The Stars didn’t hurt. She slowed down – a little -to have a baby last year, but she isn’t going away anytime soon. And Casey, just 14 months younger?
It isn’t just the tattoos. There’s something in that smile. The girl isn’t just gorgeous – she has ‘edge,’ in a way Audrina can’t really touch.
Yes, Audrina is the star. But Casey seems to steal every picture the two take together. She isn’t just beautiful.
She makes you wonder ‘Who’s that?’
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Sienna Miller And Savannah

It isn’t quite fair to look at either of these ladies simply in terms of beauty, but we’re going to do it anyway. Sienna is as accomplished as she is gorgeous, and she has a long list of awards and nominations to back that up. You can look at her and see why she got snatched up, first by modeling, then by Hollywood.
Savannah is a respected fashion designer – a maker of beauty. Gazing upon her, you can see she might not have simply stopped hearts the way Sienna surely did. But watch out.
There’s such a thing as ‘slow-burn beauty,’ and Savannah has it. She’s going to get more and more gorgeous as she heads into her middle years, while Sienna’s more typically girlish beauty might fade. Watch out.
Savannah is just entering her prime. For a certain kind of beauty, life really does begin at 40.
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Zoe Saldana And Sisters Cisely And Mariel

Zoe, young and beautiful, is the star. She has that expressive, open face the screen loves. But when you see her with her two beloved sister, you’ve just got to think: How did Hollywood miss Cisely?
We love us some Zoe, but next to Cisely, one is a girl, the other a woman. Never mind that Cisely is actually the youngest of the three sisters. It’s like comparing Audrey Hepburn to Sophia Loren.
It leaves you thinking, ‘Well, maybe she can’t act.’ Zoe sure can.
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Liv Tyler And Chelsea

Calling someone, anyone, more beautiful than Liv Tyler…that’s pushing it. But Chelsea…just look at her! Those eyes!
She has that quality Liv has, where you start falling in love a little just looking at her. But, if it’s possible, she’s even sweeter. And they were both fathered by… Steven Tyler?
Completely unreal. And, know what? Cisely looks more like an Uhuru than Zoe…
…and Chelsea looks more like an Arwen than Liv. Just sayin’…
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Dakota Fanning And Elle

OK, it’s like this. Dakota is the bigger star, and probably the bigger talent. If she keeps going, we’re talking All-Time Hollywood Legend material.
She’s fascinating-looking, and sexy. She was uncomfortably sexy when she was too young to have any business being sexy, almost on sheer force of personality. But the true beauty, between these sisters, is Elle.
Now Elle seems to be making her big move – she’s got three movies currently in post-production. She’s got talent – after all, she’s Dakota Fanning’s sister! This is going to be an interesting ride.
Here’s to 2017.
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Amy McCarthy, Jenny McCarthy, Joanne McCarthy

Here’s a real triple threat. Though Amy has also posed for Playboy, the star here is clearly Jenny. It’s not fair that anyone could be so sexy and so much fun.
You could go nuts picking one out of the three, but there’s something about that redhead – Joanne. She’s even more ‘girl next door’ than than the other two, but she’s hotter because it doesn’t seem like she’s even trying.
A former pro basketball player, she has that ‘sexy because I’m not even thinking about sexy’ quality. For a night, Jenny. For a month, Amy.
For long term, Joanne. If you’re man enough. That there is a whole lotta woman.
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Michelle Pfeiffer And Dedee

Like Elle Fanning, Dedee is too successful an actress to be just ‘Michelle Pfeiffer’s sister.’ But there’s no doubt who the big star is between the two. Michelle has that perfect-featured, fine-cut, large-eyed beauty that commands the screen in a way Dedee doesn’t. But if you didn’t know who she was, and you saw both sisters together in real life, we bet Dedee would get your attention first.
She’s sexier. Not as beautiful, but sexy is seriously underrated – and it lasts longer. It’s Dedee who’s the MILF you wanted when you were 16, and it’s Dedee who you want to have an adulterous steamy affair with when you’re 46.
Michelle is for looking at. Dedee is for touching.
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Sofía Vergara And Sandra

There almost aren’t any real women like Sofia Vergara. She’s blow-out-all-the-circuits sexy. Her adopted sister Sandra – they’re actually cousins – is beautiful in her own right, but it’s another kind of ‘hit.’
It’s soulful, less obvious. It’s drama, not comedy. She’s still too beautiful to be ‘the girl next door.’
She’ll be stealing your heart while Sofia straight-up knocks the breath out of you.
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